Office rejuvenation spaces

Are you working from home ? OR bad posture giving you a body ache. If yes, then its time to think about the space ergonomics around you.

Create rejuvenating recreational work spaces for your employees and boost their creativity and productivity with our Table Sports Collection. For more ideas and suggestions get in touch with us.    

Buy best quality of desktop converters, body rests, standing desks, under desk treadmills and workout bikes for your office or home sitting and keep your body safe from the side effects of sitting too much. Its time to upgrade your workstation. 



Ping Pong Game Table

Regular price ₹342,990.00 ₹450,000.00

Air Hockey Table

Regular price ₹86,440.00 ₹119,000.00

Automatic Foosball Soccer Table

Regular price ₹125,750.00 ₹142,500.00

Manual Foosball Soccer Table

Regular price ₹20,000.00 ₹25,000.00