Badminton Training Equipment

Badminton is officially the fastest of all racket sports. Players can hit the shuttlecock at speeds of up to 180mph (288kph) toward their opponent. But, it is not just all about speed; a player can expect to run up to four miles (6.4km) around the court during a match whilst having the agility to maintain energy-busting rallies.


Badminton invented in India in a version called poona. British Army officers learned the game in 1870 and in 1873 duke of Beaufort introduced the sport at his country estate, badminton from which the game derived its name. 

Why Badminton ?

First and foremost, the basics of badminton are not difficult to master; even new players with little or no skill can enjoy their first game and progress quickly.

It’s great for conditioning the body! Step out onto the badminton court and you can expect to burn 600 to 1000 calories per hour as well as testing your stamina, flexibility and coordination.